Roses Ice Cream

A Portland Tradition Since 1950

Roses Ice Cream
We make Our Own Ice Cream!

Roses Ice Cream opened in 1950 and has been a Portland favorite ever since.  We feature homemade ultra-premium ice cream, burgers, milkshakes, and more.  Roses is a family owned business.  We welcome you to join us for lunch, dinner or just for some delicious ice cream.

We have over 30 flavors of ice cream including seasonal flavors.  We also serve lactose-free (soy based) ice creams and sherbets.  Our seasonal flavors include favorites such as pumpkin and eggnog in the winter, fresh cantaloupe and fresh berry flavors in the summer plus an assortment of other flavors.  Our ice cream is made on-site in small batches with local fresh ingredients using the same methods for over 50 years.

Roses has a reputation for the best milkshakes in town.  Our milkshakes are hand-dipped and come in two styles - "regular" and "extra-rich".  We have 30 flavors of regular milkshakes and over 50 flavors of extra-rich  milkshakes.  Our extra-rich shakes are made with our ultra-premium ice cream (14% butterfat) and the regular shakes are made with our reduced fat ice cream (6% butterfat).

For lunch and dinner we serve burgers, sandwiches, dogs, soups, salads and more.  Our burgers are char-broiled, made with fresh, local ground chuck, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and our homemade Roses' burger sauce and come in a variety of styles - the deluxe burger, bacon burger, Swiss mushroom, "Roses Own" and more.  We even have sloppy joes and Coney Islands made with our homemade sauces.  We also serve garden burgers and other sandwiches.

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